Reflection On The Environment

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Introduction Our environment is very essential in our day to day activity, based on that; it’s worth being kept clean and healthy at all time. The air we breathe in, the water and food we use on daily basis comes from the environment, so, our lives depend on it. In this essay, I’m going to briefly analyzed about environmental issues regarding deforestation in my community, situated in the republic of Liberia. Additionally, the root cause of the problem and what can be done to avert the problem will be made known to the reader as well. My Reflection on environmental issues that I learned in this course so far Deforestation has become a major environmental issue in my community as results of increased in charcoal dependence for fuel as well…show more content…
First and foremost, as a human being, if we indulge in a constant harvest from the soil without proper mechanism being put in place to replenish the soil that will yield something tangible in returned that will sustain the environment, the end result is always catastrophe. More importantly, I will emphatically and vigorously say that citizens as well as the logging industry in Liberia should be well regulated by the government through the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) to avert the situation from getting worst, and the government should as well implement a rigid system or compulsory mandate, that whenever you receive from the soil, you should as well give back to the soil by replanting whatsoever trees that being cut down. Liberia is the only country that uses to receive the highest rainfall in the whole of West Africa region, that was in past, however, our community has been overwhelmed by excessive heat due to enormous deforestation. Change of attitudes regarding biodiversity is what we need in our various communities, such as the air we breathe; unnecessary air pollution is unhealthy ways of life to us as well as others that dwell in our community. Three strategies to make my city more environmentally sustainable In attaining environmental sustainability of a city, there are various ways to go about it, however, there are three most imperative strategies which I propose
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