The Pros And Cons Of Modern Technology

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Modern technology provides important tools to help with the making of a lesson plan and at the same time to facilitate online interaction to students, in order to make classroom management even easier as updated technology. Thus, planners should keep in mind that intechnology-enhanced courses, building a community in the cyber classroom and/or distance courses, are usually facilitated by a teacher and thus, interaction is very important in order to get high quality learning, acting as the mediating tool for teaching and learning. On the other hand, Digital media is a very effective way to improve online education because it really can enhance teaching, since it moves online education system forward and not backward. In addition, blogs are another very good option of using digital media, since blogging is a modern writing style. Another form of digital media is a podcast, which consists of series of audio, video, digital radio, etc. downloaded or streamed online to a computer or a cell phone. However, in recent years,…show more content…
Modern technology bringus solutions of how to plan a lesson and how to put it into practice. Moreover, the use of technology for collaboration among students and teachers allows students to share ideas and so they are motivated to study and learn better. Today, language-learning classroom tends to run much differently than in traditional classrooms of old. No matter the age of your students, teachers always should consider the type of classroom interaction that will be better for a particular

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