Persuasive Essay On Air Pollution

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A young girl stands outside with her mother. Her father died of heart failure a year earlier. This young girl has extreme asthma issues and goes to the hospital every few months for check ups or because of asthma attacks. She and her mother are on their way to her fifth grade graduation, walking outside when something happens. Her mom suddenly stops walking. The rest is a blur to the little girl. The next thing she remembers is sitting in the hospital waiting for news about her moms health while all her friends are celebrating their fifth grade graduation. Her mom survived, but lived the rest of her life in constant risk of heart failure. If air pollution was reduced, that little girl could have lived an asthma-less life with two healthy parents.…show more content…
The American Lung Association states that “Smokers can save between $1,380 and $2,540 annually (depending on where they live) by quitting a pack-a-day habit.” Money is an amazing incentive for Americans to do just about anything because that’s the main priority for most of them. By saving lives, people can also save money. However, the most important part of lowering air pollution is the lives it can save. So many people suffer from COPD, asthma, emphysema, lung cancer, and many more diseases caused by air pollution but they may not know where this came from. Along with reducing pollution, the United States should educate citizens on how to help in small ways and how to protect loved ones from these diseases. Air pollution is a problem that effects every person all across the world. It can be solved by taking small steps in the right direction. The little girl now stands on the stage at her high school graduation as valedictorian with her mom sitting front row. After almost losing her mom, she was motivated to make the most of her education. She spent the last few years learning all about air pollution and plans to study the environment in college and educate people on the importance of the health of the atmosphere. She looks forward to seeing the vast improvements that the world will make towards a strong and healthy

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