Environmental Essay: What Is Air Pollution?

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What is Air pollution? Air pollution is when dust particles, gases fumes (smoke) or odours are let out into the atmosphere, which is very harmful to humans, animals and plants. There are two types of pollutants: Primary pollutants are gases that are released into the air to make the air unclean. They include carbon monoxide from cars exhaust and sulphur dioxide from the combustion of coal. Secondary pollutants is when pollutants in the air chemically react and they form more dangerous chemicals. For example photochemical smog is a secondary pollutant. Causes of air pollution Anything people do that involves burning (combustion), using household or industrial chemicals that cause chemical reaction and release toxic gases in the process causes air pollution. For example:…show more content…
Power plants Electricity is still produced by burning fossil fuels such as coal, gas, and oil mostly in convectional power plants. This emits sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulates and they also release huge amounts of carbon dioxide and this causes global warming and climate change and when all these gases rises it accumulates the atmosphere. Industrial plants and factories The plants that produce goods we all use on often release small but significant quantities of pollution into the air. Industrial plants produce metals such as aluminum and steel, produce cement and more. But these plants release chemicals, gases and causes air pollution. Sometimes these plants release huge amounts of air pollution in a very short space of time. Common air pollutants These are the common air pollutants Carbon monoxide Lead Nitrogen dioxide Particulate

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