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Looking back, the past seventeen years of my life is like a blur and its true when they say that time flies fast. So fast that you can barely catch up to it. But what you experience during you race with life is the greatest because it can either make you stronger or feel weak and you will remember these experiences as a reference of what you have gone through. My life is as simple as any other; I have two loving parents who give their best to love and support me and three siblings whom I have a somewhat love-hate relationship but we still support and look out for each other. Of course, it isn’t as perfect like I hope it would be but I think it’s the best that I could have. Hi, I’m Juis Hanael B. Gacias, a grade 12 student and barely surviving…show more content…
I was shocked of the schedule, the environment of the school, and didn’t quite know and fully figured out yet how I was going to fit in. It was really hard for me to adjust to the point that I was failing some of my subjects and one of my teachers called my mom to talk about my grades. I was disappointed and ashamed of myself that I was silently crying every night. The memories of the criticisms that I received during elementary kept on coming back and I started to think that maybe I really don’t deserve the title. We had a quarterly meet-up with the people who gave us allowances and one of criteria is to submit a copy of your report card and they will determine your ranking. I was ashamed that I was placed in last, I was the only one who had a low grade and I saw some of the knowing looks the other moms were giving me. I heard one of them asked why I had a low grade when I am studying in a science high school. I took the question hard and I was deeply ashamed of myself. My mom told me that it’s okay to be at the bottom at times but I should remember to start climbing up again if I wanted to reach the top. I took the advice to heart and I started climbing up again. I studied harder and I focused myself with school work at the same time I enjoyed the time that I

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