Object Lessons

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I am very happy that you have read my essay called the Object Lessons. I write this letter to you in order to break down any barriers that strongly stand between you and I about my essay. Although it may seem confusing, I promise that after you read my letter, you will have a better understanding of my work. Before I begin writing my essay, I ponder over what object should I choose. It is a very difficult decision; it takes me three days to choose from many things that are in my daily possession. I begin thinking, “Well, maybe I should write about an object that someone has never written about.” After I gather my thoughts, I choose a remarkable and helpful object that I use in my active daily life, which is my contact lens. Without my contact…show more content…
I want you to feel what it is like to have poor eye vision like myself. I always get picked on about having poor eye vision; however, no one knows how horrible it is to have poor vision until they obtain poor eye vision, also. I do not want you to take your eyes for granted because people like me wish to have great eye vision in order to see the beauty of nature from afar and up close. I use the first person perspective as one of the “Ways to Observe” strategies, also. I talk in the perspective of the contact lens because I think it is interesting and informative to look into the “mind” of something else rather than looking at it from a bias point of view, or my point of view. I know how I treat my contact lens, but I do not realize how terrible I treat them until I begin writing the essay in the contact lens’ perspective. For instance, when I go to sleep, I never take my contact lens out of my eyes, which is dangerous. This careless act can cause the contact lens to become dry, irritated and damage my real eyes. As I write the essay, I learn that I should treat my contact lens better because they can ruin my vision worse than it (my eye vision) is. I realize that I ought to take care of the things that I need the most in my life because when it is gone, my life could change tremendously. Although I talk in the perspective of the contact lens, I also

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