Disadvantages Of The Black Box

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I believe that one of the most important pieces that came to the investigator’s mind when they hear about aviation disaster is the ‘black box’, which is also known as the flight recorder. Black box record flight data and cockpit voice that helps the investigators to determine what happened just before the accident. This report will describe more about what are the flight recorders, the two types of black boxes and the main purposes of them, who invented the black boxes and how they work. In addition, the report will highlight the advantages and disadvantages and the main components of flight record. The Black box does not play an important role to fly the plane, but its role is very important. As it records flight data and cockpit voice to discover what happened in the cockpit and what conversation had been said between the pilots and the air traffic controller from the control tower. It can also record sounds of alarms from the cockpit devices. No one has the permission to open the two black boxes and listen to the records unless they have an approved letter from the agency who is responsible in the day of the…show more content…
It was the first world black box flight. David Warren had seen the first tape recorder at trade fair where at the same time the world first jet plane crashes, in that fair, it occurs to David mind that if the record was carried in the cockpit of the jet plane, they will listen to everything happened in the cockpit until the moment of the accident. As a result, David and his team decided to develop the black boxes and in 1957 they have produced the first model of the black box, but it wasn't approved to use it on airplanes from an Australian aviation authority. Subsequently, the English Ministry of Aviation declared that all planes should carry the recorder, at least to record instrument
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