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Poetry Comparison Essay I. INTRODUCTION A.) The topic of the essay. B.) The thesis statement. II. FIRST COMPARISON A.) Pilgrims are unaware what awaits them in the Americas. B.) Readers of poetry barely have an idea about what a poem will be about before reading it. III. SECOND COMPARISON A.) Pilgrims have a sense of adventure on their expedition, but they also feel uncertain. B.) Although poetry readers show dauntless curiosity about poems, they may also feel uneasy about reading poetry. 1.) Pilgrims feel adventurous because they have the chance to discover aspects of North America that nobody else knows, but they feel uncertain about this because dander…show more content…
1.) Pilgrims and readers of poetry must have low expectations. 2.) Both feel a sense of adventure and nervousness. 3.) Both explore aspects of their adventures. Annotated Bibliography Gamer, Michael. “Reading Poetry.” University of Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania, http://www.english.upenn.edu/~mgamer/Teaching/Handouts/readingpoetry.html In Michael Gamer’s essay, “Reading Poetry,” he tells the readers ways to understand poems and the different aspects of them. This essay is a credible source because the author is an educated person on this topic. Not only is Gamer educated, but the website is also a “.edu” website. This implies that the website is intended for educational purposes. This article is valuable for my own essay because of the abundance of information about poetry it gives. Gamer’s essay tells about how to understand specific aspects of poems, such as the tone and structure. By learning how to read and understand poems better, I have first-hand knowledge of the experience of reading poetry. As I write my essay, it will be more accurate if I know exactly how poetry readers

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