The Dumbest Kid In Class In Do It Better, By Ben Carson

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If you’re determined to succeed then your failures should never overtake you. In fact, one who reads more knows more and learns more. In the essay “Do It Better” by Ben Carson, Carson claims to be the dumbest kid in class because of the poor grades that he receives in class one day. Carson explains how reading changed his life growing up as a kid. Carson claims to be the dumbest kid in class, reading books changed Carson’s life and with the help of his mother he was able to succeed in class. Carson talks about his personal experience as a fifth grade student. I feel like his very detailed in his essay and he gave great examples in his essay. Furthermore, this essay is quite interesting and inspiring and I believe many people can relate to this…show more content…
He often considered himself the dumbest kid in class. As I continued reading Carson’s essay I understood why he felt the way he did. I don’t think he should feel dumb. Receiving poor grades can mean many things. Carson believed that back when he lived in Boston he didn’t learn much. His teacher seemed more interested in gossiping with another teacher than actually teaching the class. Perhaps his parents being separated had to do with his inability to learn. Carson spends a lot of time talking about why he feels dumb. In his essay he mentioned that kids made jokes about him constantly; he had done his best when he first started Higgins Elementary School, but still received poor grades. “The next day was like the previous ones-just another bad day in school, another day of being laughed at because I did not get a single problem right in arithmetic and couldn’t get any words right in the spelling test.” Furthermore, I also went through something similar to what Carson did in fifth grade. Right before my family and I moved to Missouri my parents had separated and I was having trouble…show more content…
With the help of Carson’s mother he was able to succeed in his fifth grade class. Ms. Carson wanted her kids to live up to their potential. Carson’s grades made her realized that he wasn’t working hard. Carson explains to his reader what his mother did for him to succeed. I really understand why she made him do everything she told him to. She wanted the best for her kids. “Education is the only way you’re ever going to escape poverty.” She did not want her kids to be working among the rich she wanted them to work hard for their education to be someone in life. As a matter of fact, my mom did the same with me when she saw me struggling in fifth grade. She was the head of household with only a 6th grade education from Mexico and she knew how much she struggled without an education, so she didn’t want the same for me. I find this part of the essay truly inspiring and motivational. I feel like every mother would do the same for her kids and encourage them to reach their goals. With the help of his mom Carson went from feeling like the dumbest kid in class to the top of his 6th grade

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