William Zinsser: A Comparative Analysis

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A Compare and Contrast essay is a paper that evaluates two different ideas or things. For instance, when you are asked to evaluate a recent car’s performance, you would have to list the advantageous and disadvantages of the model. The evaluation would be more effective if you compare it with a previous model, it would allow the reader to form an analogy with the new vehicle. Compare- Contrast essays allow the audience to visualize the similarities between to similar, yet different, objects. A Division essay, on the other hand, exhibits how a theme can classified into various subtopics. A division essay is used to define a vague idea by classifying it into different types. For example, a topic on friends can be classified into the different types of friends one may have. In Effective Writer’s class, six essays that pertained to Comparison- Contrast and Division were studied and discussed in class. In those six essays three were Comparison and Contrast, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior”, “Sex, Lies and Conversation”, “Songs of the summer 1963…2013”. I ranked the effectiveness, from the most to least, of the comparison essays respectively. The other three essays were division…show more content…
In this essay, Zinsser divided the pressure the college person experiences into four categories; economic pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure and self-induced pressure. I liked how Zinsser was able to connect to the current competitive society that influenced these pressures on the college student. The essay was inspiring, I was inspired by the essay to get out of my bubble and start exploring college and life. The essay was directed towards students who fell into the vicious traps of pressures, and helped them realize that you should do what you enjoy and balance life with commitment. William Zinsser’s essay was eye awakening and helped me the relieved from college stress as

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