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I can consider many things that have changed my life, but they all lead back to the one situation I have learned the most from. Before the devastating news, my life wasn’t perfect, but it was incredibly better than it was about to be. Family was the most important thing in my life and to realize it was falling apart was terribly rough on me. My parent’s divorce was an intense, messy, and angry time in my life. There is no doubt that it molded me into the thick skinned and forgiving person I am today. Mom and Dad broke the news in 2010, this seemed to be the beginning of the end. Soon everything became discommodious around the house. Fights became worse and more palpable. We could all sense that this was going to be enigmatic. I found it difficult to imagine that your parents aren’t each other’s heart’s desire and I found that to be the hardest to comprehend. Not long after the dissemination, my dad moved to an apartment on the other side of Bellevue. Brother and I grew gregarious and it seemed that we were all we…show more content…
Mom got fired from her job before they finalized the divorce. Not her best idea, but she got a job at the bar a few blocks away from our house. It was a strenuous time coping so, she went to alcohol and staying away from us to help. One drunken night she told us that “we reminded her too much of our father” and she didn’t want to see us. I now understand what my dad did and how hard it was for her. It wasn’t all his doing, she was also in the wrong during their relationship. But now, she would work at the bar during the day and then come home to change and go back and be there all night. Brother and I were unaccompanied most of 2011 and 2012. We became friends with one of mom’s “new friend’s” son, he was 16 and his name was Kyle. My mom thought of him as an unpaid babysitter but, he was more of a best friend. The three of us were

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