Hate Crime Essay Examples

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Hate crime/Bias Crime Hate crime is kind of complicated crime that is difficult to explain measure and define. As defined by Microsoft Encarta (2009), hate crime is a crime inspired by hate for a group of people; a crime that drives other to victimize an individual or even a group whereas their religion, culture, color, gender, and most especially, the top issue is that due to their sexual orientation differentiate from other. College campuses, which commonly known to be where the majority of bias crime occurs (Fisher, Sloan, Cullen, & Lu, 1998). According to Perry (2001:10), hate crime includes act or violence to intimidate usually a group of people who intends to oppress, threatened (real or imagined). In addition, persons who are victim of bias crime tend to experience serious mental health consequences than the other victims of different crimes (Barnes &Ephross, 1994; Herek, Cogan & Gillis, 2002; McDevitt, Farrell, Rousseau, &Wolff, 2007). The following are types of hate crime. In Northern Ireland, the government recognizes the following as hate crime. Racist hate crime which you will be a victim due to your color, race and where you came from; Homophobic hate crime, a crime that targets gays, lesbians and bisexuals; Religious hate crime which…show more content…
This victimization due to their gender or sexuality, gives them more pain than experiencing violent one. As to the concept of this violence, previous researchers allow themselves to focus on hate crime that consider it as traditional form and that physical attacks comes more on the strangers in the community as they have observed in its every day form of hate-motivated violence forms (Blee, 2007; Moran and Skeggs,
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