Essay About Love Of My Life

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Yes When most people think of the day they got engaged to the love of their life, lots of happiness and hope for the future comes into your mind. But for me it was a day of fear, worry, and thoughts that the future is undetermined. Everything in my life was going good. I was healthy I had a really Nice house , enough money to live on, the most amazing parents, and a great boyfriend that loved me. Everything was normal. When you think of my life you think of an average family who had a great life in beautiful Portland, Oregon. “STACY!!! TIME FOR BREAKFAST.” Everyday since I had been visiting my parents, I woke up to the smell of fresh bacon sizzling on the stove, the feel of my soft plush mattress, and the sound of my father…show more content…
I walked to find David sitting near the bar at a table for two. “ Hey Stac!!!” David said as he ran to give me hug smiling so much he was kinda looking like the cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. As I was wrapping my arms around him I thought maybe his words to exchange weren’t so bad. As soon as I got the chance to sit down the waiter came with a bowl of queso and chips and set it down to David and I’s table “My favorite!” I said. Considering we came to Chili's at least twice a month shocked he knew. But he had never ordered it previously before for me. Odd. We sat and ate and talked through out dinner for while. Just like normal. We talked about inside jokes food and our families. “Stacy, as you know I brought you here cause I wanted to talk to you.” David said in his tense voice as if we were still on the phone “ Yes as you said on the phone….” I said nervously. “ Stacy I did not think I could bring myself to do this.” David said now sounding excited. “ But now I know it’s the time. As he was saying that he grabbed my hand and took me to the outskirts of the table. “ Your not…..” I said sounding completely
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