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One of the greatest benefits of having a childhood best friend is being able to go back and relive the numerous memories you have made together. It was during the reception of my wedding day that I was reminded of the story that is about to unfold. My Maid of Honour Emily had retold it flawlessly as one of our fondest recollections together. Emily and I had always been the best of friends. We had known each other since before kindergarten, and always had a tendency of making memories out of almost any situation. This particular day was not unlike any other; we had found ourselves in another moment that would withstand the test of time. Growing up in the country, Emily and I had often spent our summers rotating from one house to the other looking for our next adventure. On this day, we found ourselves at…show more content…
It reeked of stagnant, muddy water. “Leaches,” I cried out in horror as we frantically swam back to edge of the pond. Finally reaching shallow water, we pulled our algae covered, drenched bodies out of the mire and onto our feet. Catching our breaths, we did a quick exam to ensure that there were no leaches attached to our skin. “Phew,” Emily gasped. Then the laughter began. Leaving the rubber dinghy behind, we made our way back through the fields and towards her house. With each step, the laughter intensified. “How stupid were we to think that old boat would actually hold us?” I chuckled as I tried to catch my breath. Finally, we reached her house, soaking wet and doubled over in uncontrollable laughter. We had added to the books another moment to look back on and smile. Now that we are older, Emily and I do not see one another as regularly as we used to. However, when we do see each other, one of us will often look at other with a smirk and say, “Remember the rubber boat?” The greatest part of having a best friend is having the chance to look back and laugh at the memories you have made

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