Argumentative Essay On Cyberbullying

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Why is cyberbullying one of the top 3 of kids or teenagers that has committed suicide. Kids have committed suicide by things that happen to them or family issues, Some reasons can be examples of media play, economic status and more. The most influential factor in suicide is cyberbullying as evidence by research, history, and my own experience. Research shows that cyberbullying and suicide are connected. According to my evidence twenty-percent of kids cyberbullied think about suicide, and one in ten attempt it. This evidence shows that all forms of bullying like cyberbullying causes psychological, emotional and physical stress that leads kids to think about themselves a totally different way, so they decide that no one likes them or love…show more content…
According to the history of Amanda Todd she was a young girl who took her life for being bullied through social media and struggling with depression. Amanda Todd was fifteen years old when she committed suicide. Amanda had very low self-esteem about her self. She was harassed by a man on a social media networking site, when the man kept chatting her and also texting her to send a picture of her chest. The man sent pictures to the whole school for kids to see. She thought everyone was taking her as a joke in school, out of school, and also on social media. On september 7 she was found dead in her hometown Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Jenna Bowers-Bryanton took her life for being bullied through a social networking site. According to CBC NEWS Jenna Bowers-Bryanton was a fifteen year-old girl that made a campaign to make a end of cyberbullying. Bowers was harassed at school and through a social networking site. The fifteen year-old girl cut so many classes that she withdrew for the rest of the semester at Cobequid Education Centre. Students told her she had no talent, that she was ugly and that she might as well go kill herself the things people said to her push her to commit suicide because it make people feel like they are not being loved

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