Narrative Essay About My Best Friend

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I spent a whole summer without my best friend by my side. She was with me through thick and thin. After every school day, she was there to greet me as I was getting off the school bus all the way up to the end of middle school. Every day I would wake up, get ready to go to school and go outside to tell her good morning, but on May 15, 2015, my best friend of 13 years was taken from me. It has been three and a half months since I have been able to talk to her and give her loving hugs. I miss being able to vent my darkest secrets to her without her telling me what to do about it and just sat there and listened. For weeks now my dad and I have been searching online and seeking in newspapers for puppies for sale. The end of summer is near and a puppy would be a huge responsibility for an eighth grader starting another school year.…show more content…
The pictures on the page showed five, little black and white Australian shepherd and border collie mixed puppies. As soon as I showed the pictures to my mom, she looked at me and saw the excitement on my face. We called the number connected to the page with the puppies to make sure it would be okay if we came to look at them. Within 30 minutes we continued down a road following the GPS to a farmhouse in the small town of Cold Spring about 40 minutes away. The whole way to the farmhouse my leg rapidly shook and bounced with excitement knowing that I may be coming home with the newest Zapzalka family member. Several turns and stop signs later, the GPS finally told us to take one last turn into a long driveway. We were greeted by a grey, black and brown big fluffy dog once we started up the driveway. My excitement level was through the roof when I saw little black fluff balls running around when we finally reached the front door of the

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