Santa Clause Speech

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When I was 13 year- old I used to believe in Santa Claus, I thought Santa existed. My family--- my ama(mom), My baba(dad), my older brother Abi, my younger brother Bhidya, and my elder sisters Renuka and Reawti--- moved to Arizona from Nepal. When I think of Santa, I want to learn about him and I share on computer to read that who is Santa Claus. I found out that “Santa Claus is a legendary figure originating in Western Christian culture who is said to bring gifts to the homes of well-behaved ("good" or "nice") children on Christmas Eve (24 December) and the early morning hours of Christmas Day (25).” I thought Santa would bring the gift to give me at night. I read Santa Claus book to know how does he live. At the Christmas, I get the gift from my parent but when I look outside of my home door I did not find the gift from Santa Claus that time I thought Santa didn’t exist.…show more content…
I got the gift at home when I open I found a letter in a gift box. I read and it said: “For Sita, you might be studying hard but please take care yourself and you always be in my life, happy Christmas day. Santa.” From then on I have loved Christmas and I was drawn to Becky Sun’s December 21,2015, This I Believe essay “Here Come (The Real) Santa Claus.” In the essay Sun explains how she believe a form of her life by how we state believing when she moves to a small town in central Georgia and when she saw the boy with toy stocking on Christmas Eve. She uses to wake up every early morning on Christmas day to go to the fireplace. As I read this essay I remember a lot of memories and experiences. According to a

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