Persuasive Speech On Weight Loss

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Do you ever get annoyed when you are hanging out with your friends and they order exquisite food which you can not eat because you are on a healthy diet? We all know and can relate that losing weight is not an easy task to do, controlling yourself from eating that delicious burger or that tempting pizza could be hard, really hard. We change our diet plans, our dieticians, try weight loss pills, teas or sometimes those teleshopping belts which claim to lose weight. Sometimes we try everything and think we are doing it right, but still we do not get any major result out of it. There is a possibility that we might, ourselves, be hindering our progress by following erroneous advice. 10 Weight-Loss Mistakes We Commit Unknowingly : 1. Not consuming…show more content…
Skipping breakfast - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you think that by skipping breakfast you will lose weight then you are probably wrong as it could lead to weight-gain rather than weight-loss. It is important to eat a healthy breakfast, you can try whole-grain cereal as it is one of the best breakfast choices. 7. Relying on low-fat foods - If you want to lose weight then low-fat foods are considered great, but they might have a contradictory effect. Many of these low-fat foods are full of sugar so that they taste better. Also, they could make you more hungry as they are not heavy thus, you could end up eating more of it. 8. Exercising too much or not at all - If you are trying to lose weight but do not exercise at all then you might not see much of a difference in your weight. When you are restricting calories and not exercising, you are prone to lose muscle mass and you might experience a reduction in metabolic rate. Nonetheless, problems could be caused by over-exercising as well. It is neither healthy nor effective if you are forcing your body to burn more calories by over-exercising. 9. Not eating enough fibre - Viscous fibre is a type of soluble fibre that aids to decrease appetite by forming a water holding gel. The gel makes us feel full as it moves slowly through our digestive tract. Studies suggests that all kinds of fibre helps to lose

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