Personal Narrative Essay: You Will Always Be My Best Friend

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“You will always be my best friend,” words that seemed so unbreakable at the time. Middle of my freshman year, and I sat in history, right next to my so-called “best friend” not saying a word. People always say that your friends in high school change, but I certainly did not think that would come true my freshman year. Everything happened so suddenly, one week we were hanging out, and the next, we were trying to avoid eye contact in the hallway. I understood that friends fight, and we had fought several times, but this one had a different vibe to it, I could tell things were changing. Since sixth grade, it had always been us four. The three brunettes, one with thick, perfectly flowing hair and the most naturally pretty face. The other one…show more content…
She immediately got an expression on her face that looked as if I had just told her a disturbing horror story. “You’re so annoying, this is why I don’t talk to you anymore. You don’t find anything funny,” she yelled to me as everyone was struck back by the scene she just made. I was bombarded with these hateful words that made me realize they all knew I was getting left out, but they said nothing to prevent it. Why should I be friends with people who don’t even care to check in on me? That question lingered in my mind that whole week and weekend, when I finally realized that there are changes that come with high school and this was going to be one of them. They didn’t talk to me or try to figure out what was wrong, they moved on with their lives like I had never even been a part of them. I couldn’t sit around and waste away the rest of my year, hoping they would care about me again, so I had to move on too. All the exciting ideas and plans we had made, I would experience with new people. I had opened myself up and made new connections with people. I had removed myself from them, and I didn’t let this one experience stop me from being happy and having

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