Negative Effects Of Social Media Essay

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According to Guest Blogger, 2012, there are many negative effects of social media for people mostly for student. Young people such as students, teenagers or even a children are the most common users of social media sites in the world. They don’t have enough knowledge for using social media site and they don’t know yet the full side effects of using social media afterwards. They easily get attracted to kill boredom in their study time and easily manipulated their attention because of its aspects. And if they will be engaged to it in the young age, they can become a victims of cyber bullying, different scams and cybersex especially to the girls who always use social media. They are prone to those kind of scams. Sometimes, we choose easier way, not difficult way. They thought that it will be easy for them but they don’t know the easy way is always for a short time. Because working hard it takes a long time. No to cyber bullying, no to cybersex and we will become safe…show more content…
That’s the right way to have limits of using social media because each day a million people using social media. Sometimes they do not eat because of the focus on the using social media. A thousand people got malnutrition because of not enough food and because of they do not eat at the right time. According to Disadvantages of social media of 2014. There are many victims because of social media. Using social media has a harmful effects especially to the children, it can cause of addiction, changing of attitude, brain cancer but we need to balance and control using social media. Aside social media we prevent using gadgets that may cause of body irritation. And according to the searcher, 50% of teenager and children using social media and it’s have a not controlling using it. But it is not enough for advancing their children because they need support and monitoring for not over using gadgets and social
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