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Homeschooling Is The Winner Undeniably, education is said to be paramount significance to people these days. There are several options in studying for people to choose such as online education, school system, and homeschooling; from all of these systems, the homeschooling is more attractive and worthy, which can fully benefit both parents and children. At first, many people have not accepted this process and tried to ban it, but currently, homeschooling is admitted in many countries such as The United States, Australia, The United Kingdom as well as in Thailand (Smith, 2013). Homeschooling has become popular and common around the world, according to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the number…show more content…
On the other hand, socialization has various definitions; normally refers to social interaction (Bergstrom, 2012). It is not true that home-educated students are missed out on interaction with other children or cannot completely evolve social skills. A study by Taylor, which creating to measure levels of "self-concept", showed that 50% of homeschoolers scored over the 90th percentile, and when compared to private school students, found no importantly different psycho-social development (Writers, 2011). To make a relationship is boundless, which means that not only learning at schools will have countless friends, homeschooling also has many friends too. Additionally, the majority of homeschooled students are well socialized because they participated themselves in diversified activities in the community and did not merely stay at home like other people said. To be concise, over 71% of homeschoolers continuously joined volunteer activities (Writers, 2011). For this reason, homeschooled children lack of socialization seems to be the

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