How Is Huck Finn Alike

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In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting myself to Huck Finn. As we all know Huck is very adventurous. I am not very adventurous. I like to stay home and do things inside my house like watch t.v. Huck doesn’t have his mom and I do. Huck doesn’t get a long with his dad but I get along with mine. He uses the word “pap” for his dad and I on the other hand say something different compared to him like “dad.” Huck doesn’t like to look nice and I do. I think looking nice is a good way to show that you care about yourself. Huck has a best friend named Tom Sawyer and I don’t have a best friend. Huck believes in the bad place and I believe in the good place. Huck worries a lot about bad luck and does things to make it go away like throw salt over his shoulder and…show more content…
He is very superstitious. Some things that me and Huck have in common is that he doesn’t like people to tell him what to do. I am the same way because I don’t like people to tell me what to do. Huck doesn’t follow Widow Douglas’s rules. I don’t follow the rules either. Huck also likes to help people and so do I. He helps Jim become a free man because he was a slave. If I seen someone like Jim I would help them also. I help people in public and so does Huck. Huck also goes to an island to get away from people and he wants to get away from his father and basically shut everyone out. I go to my room and listen to music to shut people out and that’s something that me and Huck have in common. Judge Thatcher steals Hucks money and I have had someone steal money from me too. Huck doesn’t like to take baths and he likes to be dirty and tries to avoid baths. I on the other hand love taking baths. I like to be clean and fresh. That’s something that is contrasted between us. Huck fears his father and I don’t. Hucks father is an alcoholic and doesn’t do anything. My father is not an alcoholic and works. Huck thinks that helping Jim is a good idea even if it means going to “hell” for
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