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Some people have been careful about their health since long but now a days others are also trying to keep themselves healthy by practicing healthy habits. Now more and more people are being aware of increasing pollution, increasing population so they want to keep themselves away from the hoard of ill peoples. Therefore, the people who were not much concerned for their health are growing more concerned as they are growing more concerned as they are getting aware. So, they try to do all they can to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Due to People’s growing concern for their health they exercise daily, eat proper diet, buy health products and visit doctor for checkup regularly. Some people can be seen exercising daily in evening. Some others do running at noon time, few others run do jogging in early morning to strengthen them. Besides running, people are doing so many other exercises too. Some are taking sport as exercise, some…show more content…
Some people, even if they don’t have any disease they meet doctor regularly for their body checkup because they are trying to keep themselves healthy. Out of the peoples who visits doctor regularly might not have been doing it a few years ago. But, now a days, he also visits doctor. He thinks if he visit doctor regularly doctor might notice some changes in his body if any, because that is what they are experienced in and they may suggest a sure for it. This pattern of regular visit to doctor is a result of himself growing careful for his health. So, everyday new peoples are joining the list of peoples who are concerned for their health. Seeing others practicing healthy life with healthy habits, they also tend to do the same. Since, the wheel of awareness has started, it will be even more powerful trend in coming years. More and more people would want to be healthy. They also would be practicing the lifestyle, the people in our essay is

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