How Britain Got So Fat Sarah Boseley Analysis

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How Britain got so fat Sarah Boseley Obesity causes potentially lethal diseases and The National Health Service in Britain is spending billions of pounds a year treating heart attacks, diabetes, cancers and lots of other consequences caused by obesity and unhealthy lifestyle. It is in many expert’s and healthcare organisations’ interest, to reach a resolution to the increasing problem, but who is to blame for this huge health and social problem? And maybe even more important, what is the reason for this? The text “How Britain got so fat” by Sarah Boseley, discusses the issue of obesity and unhealthy living in Britain in general. Consequently, this essay will focus on the writer’s argumentation in contemplation of rhetorical appeals and other…show more content…
Beyond that, Boseley has won several awards for her journalism, which tells the reader that she is qualified to her occupation. The fact that she works for ‘The Guardian’ leads to her appearing as a significant journalist and writer, because of the newspaper’s prestige and approval. This newspaper has the ability to reach millions of readers in Britain and throughout the world. It makes her writing occurring as specialised subject matter, partly because of her use of statements from experts, outcomes of surveys and her critical accession to the different organisations in Britain. The writer makes use of rhetorical features to convince the audience about the rising obesity levels in Britain. Her rhetoric is among others characterised by rhetorical questions, which activates the reader’s mind and opinions to the discussed subject, for example; “So where do we go from here?” (p. 1). The question emphasizes the severity in the increasing percentage of people getting obese and does also allude society to be accessory to the obesity among the Britons, you can assume that the reader starts worrying and reflecting about the present situation by this

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