Michael Pollan's Escape From The Western Diet

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In the essay of “Escape from the Western Diet,” Pollan argues that we as Americans should avoid the “Western Diet”. Pollan is well known from his books that he has written and is a professor at University of California. Michael Pollan argues that many of the different nutritional theories behind some of diseases that afflict those who eat a “Western Diet”. Even though, Pollan doesn’t believe the theories and states that “It’s not the eater so much as it is the food industry and the medical community.” (422,) He says food industry is to blame because it uses different nutritional theories to create new products, and the medical health industry is also to blame because it uses theories to develop new prescriptions and treatments to help treat the chronic diseases.…show more content…
Pollan’s answer is to simply eat smarter and he suggests that we ourselves, is a part of the problem because we generally do not spend enough money or time in preparation in meals or enjoying it. He also compares us to other countries by saying they eat better which is why they are healthier than we are as

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