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Seva Development is dedicated to create and maintain premier standard in Company to make positive, healthy and constructive working environment. Code of conduct deals with both Legal and Ethical guidelines that are expected to adhere within work premises. If any employee fails to comply guidelines and have disciplinary issues, consequences may be from suspension, termination of employment contract to attention towards legal charges. a. Alcohol and Drug Policy No employee is expected to come to office under alcohol or drug influence. Under influence of alcohol and drugs during work hour is an indication to human impairment over ideas, judgment and capacity on decision making. Objective of alcohol and drug policy is to ensure the disadvantage…show more content…
All employee is expected to behave other employees with dignity, politeness and respect. Any discomfort subjected to employee during work hours are strictly prohibited. Harassment could be anything from Verbal, Physical, Sexual, Psychological to any other reason why employee feel unwelcomed. Few Examples would be being rude, shouting on someone, threatening, mimicry, bullying, drawing pictures, whistling, touching, making other employee uncomfortable, unwelcomed physical contact, pinching, hugging, obscene language…show more content…
* Wear appropriate clothing with proper shoes. Maintain Personal hygiene and grooming to a minimum of required level. Female skirts are needed to be at a minimum of knee level. No flip flops, track pants, golf shorts. f. Personal Gadgets All employees are expected to keep their cell phones and other devices on vibration or silent mode. It is unauthorized to make phone calls within workstation. Employees are encouraged to attend their call outside their room or hallway. 6. Fraudulent and Dishonesty Policy Seva Development is dedicated and keen in providing a safe and professional environment to all employees of Seva Development. Seva Development commits to maintain Principles of ethics, code of conduct, morality and standard. Seva Development reasons following and other outrageous activities as violence of Seva Development Policy. a. Forgery or inappropriate alteration of Seva Development documents or records. b. Unauthorized alteration, manipulation or transfer of company files and records through mail or computer. c. Fraudulent, dishonest or intentionally misleading financial reporting. d. Offering or accepting bribe or

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