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Food, everybody around the world needs to eat or drink, it's probably the most common thing among all species, to eat. Since we were young about elementary school age everyone has learned about the food pyramid. Anyone who has gone through american education knows about the food pyramid. Food pyramid basically tells us what is healthy and what is not. When I travel outside of america, the people i talk to their basic american is someone who is fat and I've often heard that a lot of Americans are obese. David Zinczenko says that fast food is the big problem with obesity in america. David freedman and steven sharpin say that calories count wherever they are eaten. Michael pollan an idealist believes that we should only eat natural food home cooked. In this essay I will explain how the fast food industry has drastically changed the way of…show more content…
I remember watching tv and seeing the typical family cooking together and the kids setting up the table and eating together. It wasn't just on tv it was the norm I ate with my family like that as well and so did my peers.In the article “Escape From the Western Diet” by Michael Pollan it discusses what the Western diet it which is basically Genetically modified meats and nutrients that scientist have modifies at a molecular level. We are not eating the same stuff our ancestors ate. Sure it's providing more food for more people but its losing its true value. Also it promotes laziness, their is food delivery services which is where u can order food on your food and someone will come deliver it to you at first it was just pizza delivery now you can get anything delivered at your fingertips. Fast food industries attract a lot of business with such low prices and people come flocking for these low prices but need to realize that it the food price is low but also the food quality is low as

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