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A Step in the Right Direction: A Practical Proposal Argument Essay on a Soda Ban at Grand Canyon University Prospective students going into college hear about the dreaded “freshman 15” and think the way to fix this issue is by exercising more, eating healthier, watching portion sizes and getting enough sleep. These are the things that people think about when they are looking to live a healthier lifestyle, when they should be watching what they drink. With dieting, people tend to overlook the fact that liquids can contain a lot of calories. They mainly get caught up in what food they are consuming and how may calories these foods contain. Therefore, overlooking liquid intake can easily be the leading cause of health problems or the reason for…show more content…
A healthier student means a brighter student. Grand Canyon University should want to do anything possible to keep their students healthy and happy. According to the National Sleep Foundation caffeine consumption can cause insomnia throughout the night that results in a sufficient amount of sleep loss (Belenky, p.2). Caffeine can cause students to be irritable throughout their day due to a lack of sleep. In an article, Teach Talk, 47 undergraduates at Massachusetts Institute of Technology were asked what topics factor into them not attending classes. After results were concluded “lack of sleep” was the fifth most mentioned reason out of eleven as to why students did not attend class (Clay, 2006, p.1). Therefore, the removal of soda would help to increase student attendance, student learning capabilities and raise students overall test scores. These overall improvements would make Grand Canyon University more appealing to prospective students, increasing their likelihood of a larger…show more content…
It all comes down to what drinks are provided to the students at school. According to the Department of Human Development, “If a variety of healthy foods are easily accessible and served frequently, children develop preferences for those foods” (Lanigan, 2011, p. 369). For example, if students are only given the options of water, milk and tea, they will become accustomed to these drinks. Instead of continuing the unhealthy habit of soda consumption, they will continue the healthy habit of an alternative drink such as water. Through instilling long-term health, this allows Grand Canyon University to be set apart from other competitors and reflect positively on their

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