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An eighth-grade girl is given an essay, a science gizmo, and a packet of math. This girl is also an athlete and after school every day she has a game or practice. By the time she gets home she is tired, stressed, hungry and cranky while asking about math problems that haven't been explained. This girl is also invited to walk to the park, but has to decline, for she is banished to her room fully submerged beneath piles of homework. Because it’s stress inducing, time consuming, and according to research does not improve academic performance, homework should be banned. Some teachers give homework that has not yet been taught, causing children to stress and ask their parents how to complete it. In most cases the parents do not remember how to solve the problems because it has been many years since they have attended school. Another issue happens when the parents tell their child the wrong information about a topic. This is not their intention but it is an outcome of trying to help but not remembering how. The teachers now have to correct what was learned at home. Also at school…show more content…
Another study of 18,000 school children found no correlation between homework and grades. Without homework children could come home and relax. They could engage in meaningful relationships with their family and friends while creating healthy habits. They could take their time reviewing and studying notes from class reinforcing their learning on their own. If there is something the student doesn’t understand in class, it’s not going to help to ask their parents or to figure it out on their own. They need to go back and learn it in the classroom, not at home. If they receive homework and the student comprehends the homework incorrectly, the homework failed to help. That affects academic performance

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