Essay On Advent Of Technology

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The Advent of Technology: For Better or Worse? Being born in an era where technology was second nature to me, I didn’t see the drastic changes in the way technology impacted our lives. I had become accustomed to checking emails on my phone and ‘Facetiming’ my friends when I wanted to discuss school work or just to catch up. It was until I saw my grandfather writing a letter one day that I realized without any doubt, dependency on technology has changed the way we lead our lives and these changes are prominently increasing especially over the last decade. Two of the fields which were greatly affected by the advent of technology is communication and creativity. As with every advancement, technology and its effects is no different – there have been several improvements in life due to positive effects and there are some negative impacts too. The positive effects of technology on communication include the convenience of how we make relationships and maintain it. In the past, interaction was very limited. If you want to speak with a friend, you would…show more content…
Today, when a student wants to write a report, it is often much easier to ‘Google’ similar reports instead of visiting the library to borrow books and generate ideas based on proper research. Moreover, another negative effect is the ‘instant’ factor. People are so used to accessing the internet for instant ideas and images that they fail to take the time to utilize their own innate creativity to generate these instead. In essence, where once people used to take time to create a piece of artwork, write a song or poem or even letters, the trend has now shifted to watching 30 second videos and forwarding memes for a good
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