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Abstract: This research paper examines a comparative analysis of English for Today of book four with The Path to English of same level. It underpins the differences between two books in the perspective of English teaching adaptability and understanding. It tries to dig out what sort of influences are held while teaching two different books for the same level of the student at the same second language situation. This also paves the ways of consideration in developing teaching materials for English language teaching to the young learners. I. Introduction: According to Hutchinson and waters (1987), textbook evaluation is basically a straightforward, analytical “matching process: matching needs to available solutions”. There are two books to be…show more content…
However, it tells about four basic skills whereas in the whole book they only focus on reading and writing. 2. Availability: EFT book is available in all primary schools of Bangladesh but not in open market. Unauthorized person can not access to it and it is not available in the open market for buying and selling. On the other side the path to English is available in the open market; anybody can buy or sell it. But it is only available in the cities but not in rural areas. 3. Approach educationally and socially acceptable to target community: The names in the book like Runa, Reza, Dina, Helen are the examples of bringing local culture into the reading activities. This also exemplifies the dialect of the respective country. The discussion topics like “A daily Routine, A day in a farmer’s life, Family and friends” are socially acceptable topics for the discussion of the…show more content…
Interesting topics: In the EFT book we find, lots of interesting topic such as food and meals, family and friends, telling the time, mice, a picnic and a thirsty crow etc. These topics are interesting for the young learners. But, the topics do not cover the games and interactive activities that are very much applicable for those students. The Path to English has also got some interesting topics as for example it has different stories and fairy tales. But the language level is higher and it will not reach to the expected level of the students. 8. Varied topics and tasks for different level and learning style: There are various topics that are interesting for the children aged 8 to 10. If we explore the Gardener’s multiple intelligence theory, we will find the priority of different intelligences in different learners .In EFT book ‘Name of the month’, ‘Stress Practice’, ‘Road lights’ and ‘Mice’ etc are found to satisfy the need of different learners .But it could be more dynamic and the types topic could be more wide ranging However in other book “The path to English” other book has also got different stories as for example it describes a story of Robindranath Tagore whose writings are widely accepted both in east and

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