Experimental Research Design: Essential Characteristics

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Essential Characteristics Experimental research designs seek to determine whether or not a particular treatment influences a particular outcome. Experimental research begins with a question. The researcher wishes to seek whether there is a relationship between the independent variable and dependent variable. A hypothesis is then formulated to guide the study, and the trails begin. The most effective way to construct an experimental design is through a randomized, experimental group being assigned to receive a treatment, while a control group does not receive any treatment. Both experimental and controlled groups are then observed and the observations are recorded. Variables form a pivotal element in what characterizes experimental research,…show more content…
The participants history; factors unplanned or unrelated to the treatment may be present between the first and second measurement that influence the dependent variable such as traumatic events, drug use or whole host of life altering situations. In experimental research, “Only one variable can be tested, which may make it more time consuming and open to error” (Punch, 2013, p.8). If this research design is done correctly, it can be “One of the most efficient and accurate ways to reach a conclusion” (Punch, 2013, p.…show more content…
This is due to the importance and emphasis in controlling additional variables. According to Creswell if variables are controlled, researchers can make confident assertions that it is was due to the manipulation of the independent variable that the dependent variable changed ( 2012). Experimental research designs are also versatile. This design can be used in many different ways and types of situations. It is a basic, efficient and straight forward type of research that can be used and applied in various disciplines. Another great aspect of this kind of research is that clear conclusions can be drawn. The degree of control of the environment and the use of one variable mean that clear inferences can be drawn. The results in this research are more relevant than some other forms of research, There are also a wide variety of variations to this research. Each gives different benefits depending of what is being researched. As Punch recants, the researcher is able to tailor make the experiment to its unique needs, while remaining valid in terms of the experimental research design

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