Textbooks: The Three Key Factors In Language Class

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1. Introduction There are three key factors in language classes: learners, teachers and textbooks. The textbooks are the most viable and adaptable ones, being investigated and updated in the field. Richards (2001) highlighted the role of textbook materials as the main instructional materials in most language courses. Learners with various learning styles have different needs and interests. Therefore, a one-fit-all textbook cannot account for all existence diversity. Every learner may consider the relevance and absorption with topics in the textbooks differently. It may also limit and inhibit teachers’ creativity. The world today is bound to English learning and teaching. "Textbooks provide novice teachers with guidance in course and activity…show more content…
As a result, many of the students have not been able to use English effectively to communicate unlike many students join language classrooms in language institutes and study global materials besides the textbooks taught at school. "While the quality of ESL reading textbooks has improved dramatically in recent years, the process of selecting an appropriate text has not become any easier for most teachers and administrators" (Wen-cheng et al.,…show more content…
(p. 119) These 5 Cs may be acceptable standards and widely used to evaluate textbooks. This critical evaluation also encompasses Harmer’s (2001) concept of assessment. He indicated that the textbook assessment is typically a sort of evaluation done not inside classrooms. The identification of how well a new textbook performs in class and its evaluation is a judgment on how well a book has performed indeed. In the act of evaluation, teachers imply a key role; needless to say, they are the primary applicants of the books and have deep perceptiveness of their applicability and practicality. A meticulous evaluation enables the educational institution or organization to differentiate between all of the accessible textbooks on the market and choose the most appropriate

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