Social Milieu Analysis

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ELT in Technical Education: An Analysis of the Existing Hurdles in a Non – English Social Milieu and Some Viable Solutions SARAKANAM SRINIVAS M.A., M.Phil., (PhD) Faculty of English, Samalkot - 533440, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India Mobile: 91+ 9959343424, 9154957348 Abstract One of the major challenges any English Language Teacher often confronts is ‘imparting of speaking skills’ to the students of engineering courses at under graduate level in a non – English social milieu wherein English is not the chief medium of people for conversation. Even if the teachers endeavor to adopt the communicative language teaching…show more content…
A classroom with the students of various vernacular languages is cosmopolitan in nature and therefore the utility of English language is inevitable in this sort of academic environment. The students, compelled by their emotional and education needs, communicate with one another in English in this environment. The scholastic milieu that is quite favourable for English language learning is a common phenomenon at the international educational institutes. Students will have a huge scope for the acquisition of language proficiency in this kind of cosmopolitan scholastic milieu, if they can be prevented from the narrow minded practice of regionalism and linguistic…show more content…
Finding solutions to puzzles, map-reading exercises, giving and asking for directions, reading manuals, advertisements, captions, assembling the simulations of machines or toys etc., are among the feasible tasks. However, the provision of student-centered friendly curriculum is a prerequisite for the execution of the above tasks. What the favourable fact revealed in the survey is that 68% of students have the habit of sharing ideas after reading any literary or non – literary work. The teacher has to make use of this tendency of the students who are extroverts and endeavor to induce interest in them to exchange their views and feelings on what they have read in the classroom and the lab. Benjamin Franklin says, “Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember Involve me and I learn”3. The workshops organized, at regular intervals, aiming to involve students in various tasks besides the mentioned above, will produce a better

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