Essay On Greek Architecture

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introduction to temples and foreign influences Greek civilization is one of the greatest civilization that ever created , their building and their technique is very beautiful and amazing , their civilization was very powerful and strong , their main land the island of Greece was a rocky island and full of mountain and a few forests , which make the material used in building is stone because it was available and it was easy to work on it , they were best known from their temples even that most of them were destroyed due to natural disaster and wars , the temples were mostly built on hilltops to be seen from everywhere. The Greek civilization were divided in two eras the Hellenic from (900 BC – 323 BC) and Hellenistic from (323 BC – 30AD) , two…show more content…
The proportion in ancient Greek was not an easy mathematical progression, they took a philosophic approach at the proportions and the rules, the main factor of any work of their architecture was in its ultimate appearance, their optical illusions that make the objects appear concave and the columns that viewed against the sky look different than those that are viewed against shadow wall, and that’s why they adjusted the plans so the lines of the building are mostly not straight, the temple of Athena on the acropolis is best example ever. The Egyptian influenced the Greek civilization, the Egyptian created the basic elements of the column that consist a three parts the pedestal, the Colum itself and the capital, so the Greek stole the Egyptian design and leave with it and developed it to three distinguished orders, they also developed the fluted column not completely round which Egyptian did not do, the columns of the Greeks got smaller on the top so they look taller than it
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