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Introduction and Instructional Process The English Lab has a unique concept of enhancing the overall personality of the students. It is designed to help the students to improve their proficiency in English, develop their confidence and attitude and discipline them, so that they can cope up with the requirements of the corporate world which is considered to the life line of all the professionals. Though English language is used in our day to day life, still many of us lack adequate reading and communication skills. The English lab has been set up with the basic aim to overcome the problems faced by the students in the present times by encouraging functional literacy in English among the students. Here (English Lab) the students are given ample…show more content…
This platform helps students to come out from their shell and shyness and emerge as a new person with all the attributes required succeeding in life namely confidence, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, etc. The students develop their skills like leadership, team spirit through debate and discussions. In debate, group discussion, symposium and the likes, the students are divided into groups. The main idea behind this is that they learn how to work in a team and imbibe culture to manage the team and its aim/target, learn to handle difficult situation and team members, to support each other in a manner that all may achieve their goal or reach their destination successfully and also simultaneously learn to be leader and motivate and inspire other team members. The process involved in English Lab have proven to be effective way to bring the content, professionalism while expressing to the non English speaking subjects themselves specially while using English to express their emotions and…show more content…
Expected outcome and Achievement: Most of the students desire to eliminate the hesitation to express themselves in English. And in this process the rich material and the instructor helped them make the students learn and earn their reputation in this regard. Hypothesis: H0 : There is no difference between skills of controlled group and experimental group. H1 : There is a difference between skills of controlled group and experimental group Method: The participants in this study were the students of Pacific University, Udaipur, from MBA stream. The experimental group in this process consists of those students who got the chance to expose English Lab for 150 hours. The controlled group is consists of another 25 students who are not at all exposed of English Lab. The controlled group as well as the experimental group both are from same background that is rural or semi urban and they have completed their graduation. All of them are from different background like Science, Arts, and Commerce. The controlled was consisting of professional students who were having the same background, culture exposure and mother

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