Egypt And Mesopotamia Similarities

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The environments and the religious traditions of Mesopotamia and Egypt are both very similar and crucial to society as we know it today. Although they do differ in some ways, in this essay I will be comparing the two societies based on their religious views, their geography/ environment, their government, their studies such as math science and astronomy, and their writing styles. Both Mesopotamian and Egyptian societies believed the world was controlled by multiple gods and goddesses, making them both polytheistic. In Mesopotamia each of their cities had a chief god or goddess and they had temples (ziggurats) built in their honor. The gods controlled every aspect of their world around them. Mesopotamians believed people were created to serve…show more content…
A monarchy is a political system where government is controlled by a king, queen, its strongest military man or a high priestess. They both also emphasized social stratification. This system was an easy way to control the civilizations. In Mesopotamia's political system you came into power by heredity. The person in charge of Mesopotamia was usually a king or a queen. In Egypt however you came into power if the gods chose you as a divine soul, making it the divine right to be in power. The person in charge of Egypt was known as a Pharaoh. Pharaoh's were believed by the Egyptians to be the physical incarnation of the god Horus (the national patron god), they were considered a half god half man. The social structures were not the same but share similarities. In Mesopotamia, they had very distinct social classes where as in Egypt there were many different types’ social classes. In Egypt the pharaoh was at the top, then came the Nobel’s which consisted of officials and high priestess’s, the crafts people who had specialized in certain skills, and then the hard workers at the bottom such as farmers, servants, and slaves. Women played a different role in both these civilizations as well, in Mesopotamia they had very few rights and in Egypt they could own property and own businesses. Mesopotamia was a lot stricter than Egypt when it came to governing their
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