Student Debt Informative Speech

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I. Introduction A. [Attention-Getter] a. Imagine your graduation day. The day you have been waiting years for. A day full of excitement and joy. Your adult life begins now. Now imagine looking at your student loans. It doesn’t exactly give you the same feeling, right? Congratulations, you are now in debt! B. [Reveal Topic and Relate to Audience] All of you here are college students and not everyone here mat have to take out loans to afford school but some are not so lucky. C. [Establish Credibility] I have chosen the topic of student debt because as a student that has to pay for college with loans, this greatly affects me. I have done a lot of research about how to pay for college and also how to pay off student loans. D. [Thesis and Preview]…show more content…
If you happen in a good financial situation where you can make payment on time then having a student loan can help you form your credit early on. 2. However, if you can’t afford to pay it, there can have serious consequences. b. Population Affected – I am affected by this. You are affected by this. Our families are affected by this. And the future of the United States economy is most definitely affected by this. c. Dangers if Not Solved – There are many dangerous effects of the rising student debt. i. A recent study by Brent W. Ambrose of Pennsylvania State University, found a negative correlation between changes in student loan debt and the formation of small businesses. These businesses are the backbone of our economy and without them we ae failing. ii. If consumers are unable to spend because of their debt, this hurts the economy. iii. Young people like yourselves, with debt burdens, end up delaying important life events. Like buying a car, purchasing a home, even getting married and having children. B. [Solution] In an effort to alleviate the issues surrounding student debt, I have developed a plan. a. I feel the only way to solve this problem is by completely changing the way the government deals with student

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