Egypt Vs Mesopotamia Research Paper

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Mesopotamia and Egypt are two early civilizations with many differences and similarities. When comparing and contrasting these two civilizations, it is obvious that Egypt is the superior civilization. Egypt was in a better location with many advantages which Mesopotamia didn’t have. Their religion was stable and organized because they only worshipped one pharaoh at a time. and all men and women were treated the same in Egypt. Egypt and Mesopotamia were located in different places and had different geographic features. An obvious difference in geography is that Egypt was located in northeastern Africa while Mesopotamia was located in southwestern Asia, which is known as Iraq today. One of the few similarities between Egypt and Mesopotamia…show more content…
Mesopotamia and Egypt were both polytheistic, which means they worshipped many gods. Mesopotamia built ziggurats as a place to worship their gods while on the other hand, Egyptians built temples to be a place of residence to a god, rather than a place for commoners to go worship at. Since the Mesopotamians were polytheistic, they basically had a god for every nature creation. Creation played an important role in Mesopotamian religion. Meanwhile, the Egyptians had kings called pharaohs whom they believed descended from the gods. They never worshipped more than one pharaoh at once which kept the religion organized. When the pharaohs died, they were mummified and buried in pyramids with clothes, furniture, food, and drinks just enough for the body to travel to the next world. Both of the civilizations believed in life after death but they had different beliefs on what life after death is. For the Mesopotamians, they believed in heaven and hell (the underworld) after death. However, the Egyptians believed in resurrection, which is the most important part of their religion. It wasn’t required to do any good deeds to resurrect; just simply doing no wrong. Although, Mesopotamia and Egypt had differences in religion, they both worshipped multiple gods and believed in life after

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