Egypt And Mesopotamia Similarities

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The two ancient civilizations, Egypt and Mesopotamia, had created definite societies with unmistakable political, social, and economic characteristics that were both similar and different to one another. One similarity is that religion played a gigantic role in terms of social structure for both of the societies. A difference would be that women in Mesopotamia did not have many rights as the men did, while women in Egypt had a much better community for women. Although they did have their limited differences, the two early civilizations were quite similar to one another despite their diversity. Mesopotamia was the “land between the two rivers” in Greek and it was settled right between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which allowed for the society to bloom, and Egypt meant “black,” sitting right along the Nile. Unlike Egypt, Mesopotamia had been a much more divided civilization that only shared a few things in…show more content…
In Egypt, the top of the hierarchy was the Pharaoh and after him or her came those associated with religion like priests. Mesopotamia had been similar, but instead of having a Pharaoh they had a king, who was the co-worker with their gods. Also, Egyptians had a better society for women unlike the Mesopotamians who constantly degraded and pushed women around. Pharaohs such as Nefertiti were women who ruled over all of the land, providing evidence that there was a better social structure. For example, in Hammurabi’s Code, women are seen as objects where if a wife was accused of neglecting her husband, the husband was allowed to force her to stay as a servant while he goes on to marry another woman. Although this is true, there were certain rights given to women such as owning land, filing for a divorce, and starting a business. Both Mesopotamia and Egypt provided certain rights for women, but Egypt provided more than the less open-minded Mesopotamians and King
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