Egypt Vs Mesopotamia Research Paper

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Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt were two important civilizations in the development of human society. They both are known for creating significant creations that directly reflect their culture that we can see today. Both had many similarities as an early civilization, while they also had several differences too. The two civilizations despite this have made several important advancements and experiences in early civilizations. Being they were original civilizations, Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia did not have influences from other cultures, because of this,their social system was original. Ancient Egypt had created a very detailed and thorough social system with kings and queens at the top and slaves at the bottom. Similar to Egypt ,Mesopotamia had a social class system as well almost the same. Even though they were not knowing of other civilizations they both had similar roles of leaders, priest, scribes (who both wrote in pictograms), warriors, merchants, farmers, and slaves. Their only difference was that the class…show more content…
Throughout Egyptian history several dynastic time periods occurred. These included the Old, Middle, New, and Late. Egypt also had several kings that ruled during Ancient Egypt that controlled the society. Ancient Mesopotamia began leader free but eventually were conquered by the Akkadians, then after Babylonians. They drastically changed the environment of Mesopotamia to much harsher way of life. Unlike Mesopotamia, Ancient Egyptians never experienced a hostile takeover. On the other hand both civilizations experienced an organized government with a leader in control of everyone. Politically they both also had a law system for both in the beginning were basic morals of right and wrong, but eventually Mesopotamia took a drastic turn into Hammurabi's code which was strict and harsh legal system. Overall Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia had similar and different factors

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