Egypt Vs Mesopotamia Research Paper

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The Similarities and Differences Between Egypt and Mesopotamia Did you know that Egypt and Mesopotamia were both polytheistic but they both thought of the afterlife in a completely different way? Egypt and Mesopotamia had both similarities and differences that may be seen in their government, religion, and reasons for decline, just like their different versions of the afterlife. Both Egypt and Mesopotamia had a strong type of rule (or government). Egypt’s government is when God is recognized as the supreme civil leader, and then his laws are interpreted by the ecclesiastical authorities; it is a theocratic government. They had Pharaohs as rulers that controlled all of Egypt and a priest or a king was who interpreted God’s laws. Every Pharaoh…show more content…
Each city-state was independent of one another, and was self-reliant. They also had thick and tall walls that surrounded the whole city-state. Each city-state also included a temple in the center and several ziggurats throughout the area. Mesopotamia had constant warfare over water, supplies, and fertile land for growing but they, sought wealth and success through trade. Throughout all the hardships they had with protecting their goods they believed that their Gods kept their city-states strong and…show more content…
Supernatural forces controlled every aspect of their life. They relied on spiritual remedies to heal physical health problems. If the remedies did not work, Mesopotamians turned to exorcism to get rid of all the possessing demons inside that person's body. The Mesopotamians valued fertility, sought protection in war, respected wisdom, and reverence on Earth. Their perception of the afterlife was that you turned into wisps of Earth. Mainly because their gods were not “nice” to them, they were mean and created irregular monstrous floods over the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers. Also, it was said that humans were only created on the earth to serve as the God’s

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