Egypt And Mesopotamia Similarities

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Back in the ancient times, five civilizations began creating their own unique techniques and technology that is proven to be helpful in the present. In the southern part of Mesopotamia, there is a civilization known as Sumer where the Sumerians are the first group of people to become civilized. On the other side, the Nile River plays an important key in the diversity of another civilization called Egypt as Egypt is built along the river. Mesopotamia and Egypt are apart of the five river valley civilizations that started technology and writing. Although Mesopotamia and Egypt are two different civilizations, they both share similarities and differences within their religion, political structure, and social structure. Particularly, the two ancient societies’ religions are both polytheistic. The Egyptians and…show more content…
Similarly, slaves were at the lowest level of the social hierarchy for both civilizations and the rulers of each civilization had the most power. In Mesopotamia, priests and kings had the highest power followed by wealthy merchants, ordinary Sumerians, and then slaves. Many relied on the priests as they were the only residents who knew how to please the city gods and kept the city state, Ur safe from harm. After three thousand B.C., there were a powerful group of priests and a king located in every Sumerian city. Even though Sumerian women engaged in most of the city’s occupations, they were not allowed to attend school unlike the upper-class men. Compared to Mesopotamia’s hierarchy, the pharaoh had the most power, next the nobles, peasants, and then the slaves. Similar to Mesopotamia, the women in Egypt were allowed many of the same rights as men. Most of the kings and priests were usually men rather than women, because they had more rights and power back then. Besides Mesopotamia and Egypt having almost the same hierarchy system, they had
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