Egypt Vs Mesopotamia Research Paper

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In the Foundations ers, two strong river valley civilizations arose. They were Egypt and Mesopotamia. Egypt has become more advanced from Mesopotamia because of where Egypt is placed, it has helped their society develop and grow. Egypt is has better environmental conditions which helps them with agriculture, and causes them to be able to enhance their government. Egypt and Mesopotamia have environment conditions, some being more of an advantage than others. They are both are river valley civilizations and because of this when their rivers flood, they bring silt to the valley causing fertile soil. Egypt has the Nile River that flows from the south to the North and it floods. Mesopotamia is between the Euphrates River and the Tigris River. Since they both have rivers in their region, it helps in their agriculture and other things. Although, Egypt rivers are more predictable, while Mesopotamia has unpredictable flooding. Also Egypt’s land is somewhat protected unlike Mesopotamia. Egypt is by the Nile River and has other barriers that make them more protected, while Mesopotamia has irrigation open to invasion.…show more content…
Egyptian and Mesopotamian social classes are both distant, in which priests had important roles. Priests were high of the social hierarchy, and in Egypt they were thought of as god's living in human form. Egypt had kings, that was also known as Pharaohs, and Mesopotamia had kings as well. This similarity shows the way they both are ruled by, and the importance of their rulers. However, Egypt and Mesopotamia had different consideration of women. In Egypt, women were educated, while in Mesopotamia they were subordinate. With the women of less importance, in Mesopotamia, the civilization would be ruled by the men. From this, social classes has contributed a lot to these societies. One could tell that the Egyptian society was more advanced because of the education of women helping the civilization move

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