Similarities Between Ancient Egypt And Mesopotamia

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Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia were the start of polytheistic religions. Ancient Egypt religion influenced many religions including Christianity. Polytheism is the belief of many gods. Many Religions after Egypt were also polytheistic. Egypt had influence on the Celts, Asia, India, and Christianity. In Egyptian religion, they had pharaohs. The Pharaoh was the ruler of the people. The people considered the Pharaoh a god on earth, and the person in between the gods and the people. The rulers of Egypt were usually the sons or relatives of the pharaoh. After the pharaoh or king would die the Egyptians would mummify them. Religion was a very important part of the mummification process. Ceremony and prayers were done during mummification to prepare the body and the spirit for the afterlife. Tombs or pyramids were made for the mummies. In these tombs or pyramids, there would be money/ riches, furniture, food, and other things to comfort them in the afterlife.…show more content…
In ancient Egypt, couples would marry young and often times the husbands would have many wives. Children were an important part of the Egyptian lifestyle. Children were considered as blessings from the gods. In ancient Egypt, it was almost impossible to live a nonreligious life. Egypt had priests to take care of the gods. The priests were responsible of keeping the gods happy. Commoners also personally worshiped the gods. Religion was such an important part of daily Egyptian life that each day had some type of worship to the gods. Temples were used to supply offerings to the gods. The gods, that were worshiped, were not just entities with certain roles, but also were elements in nature. The Egyptians believed that they had to take care of the gods for the gods to take care of the
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