Nick And Baz Luhrmann In The Great Gatsby

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There are two sides of the coin to the novel “The Great Gatsby”, one is visually interpreted by Baz Luhrmann the other is written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Both point of views are similar but yet very distinct in ways. Baz Luhrmann’s view is a very modern “Hollywood” type of film that adds flavor in ways but yet in others it leaves a bitter taste. Fitzgerald’s perspective paints one a more vivid picture, his choice of words and rhythm to the novel help one understand the book more. Also the decision of Luhrmann excluding important scenes from the novel impacted the film tremendously. “Baz Luhrmann’s point of view on “The Great Gatsby” was very Hollywood influenced and distinct to Fitzgerald’s, ultimately giving the viewer and reader a different perspective to the novel.…show more content…
In the beginning of Luhrmann’s film Nick is seen telling his story to a doctor from a sanitarium where he checks in for alcohol problems. Whereas in the novel Nick is never noted for being an alcoholic or checking into a sanitarium “I have been drunk just twice in my life, and the second time was that afternoon;” (Fitzgerald 29). Luhrmann’s choice of starting the film with Nick in the sanitarium throws a reader off but also creates a different judgemental view of Nick. Another important scene that was included in the film but not in the novel was that of Myrtle’s sister giving Nick a pill that she says she got from a doctor in Queens. In this scene one can tell the “Hollywood” influence of sex and drugs in the film contrary to that of Fitzgerald’s. Baz Luhrmann’s choice of exposing the characters in the film changes one's perspective of them

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