Argumentative Essay: Is Cheerleading A Sport?

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Working at Jimmy John’s today I asked numerous employees on what is their definition of the word sport, followed by a commonly asked question: if they believe that cheerleading should be classified as a sport or not. Since I was the only female working today, most of the male employees said that cheerleading is definitely not a sport since you have to do routines, wear makeup and tight revealing clothing, requires false smiles, awful facial expressions, and the definition of it is “a game of competition or an activity to participate in.” Some may argue that cheerleading should not and cannot be considered a sport, but according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary cheerleading follows the definition of a sport and therefore should be widely considered one because of its high level of physical activity, competition, and set of rules and conventions. To many people cheerleading is considered as a sport…show more content…
That is how the NCAA and AMA defines a sport. The definition of a sport: is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Sports teams such as basketball and football, we play to beat our opponents and have a crowd cheer us on. As for cheerleading you go against your competitors yet cheer them on. In the cheer is sport feud, this is the most important element to understand. I do believe that cheerleaders are athletes, and deciding to perfect in this sport is by far one of the most physically demanding and mentally challenging activities to ever participate in, but it should not be classified as a sport. Cheerleading is consisted of a highly trained mix of gymnastics and dance as well as many other strength and cardiovascular components. The ideology behind cheerleading is the same as numerous other

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