Effects Of Self Esteem On Facebook

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Self-Esteem of Senior High School Male Students on Facebook Use The loss of self-esteem can lead to several downsides that can be tragic especially to adolescents that are still undergoing the transition towards adulthood and independence. Kimball (1984) says that it can lead to conditions that may corrupt our emotions, actions, attitudes, thoughts and values. This may even encourage self-criticism, self-hatred, and self-rejection. Senior high school guidance counselor, Ms. Lacse (2016) says that the most affected when self-esteem is lost is ones’ self worth which is crucial to ones well-being. Moreover, ICT and MIL for SHS teacher, Ms. Arcelo (2016) says that teenage suicide may even occur just because of lack of self-esteem. The internet…show more content…
One of these is to express romantic relationships. Facebook is one of the main social networking sites where people usually post their relationship status. Most of the Senior High Male students’ perception of their own relationship status is not affected at all by other male students’ relationship status or posts, and are happy for them. This means that disclosure of one’s relationship status in Facebook is not important to most of the male students. According to an article “Who does what on Facebook? Age, sex, and relationship status as predictors of Facebook use” by Francis T. McAndrew and Hye Sun Jeong, “ males were significantly more likely to check the number of friends that their friends had on Facebook than checking their relationship status. Furthermore, this particular social behavior of males in Facebook can be attributed as normal for an adolescent at this age groups, of which is referred to as the global self-esteem. “Global” self-esteem refers to how much we like or approve of our perceived selves as a whole. “ (Zimmerman, Copeland, Shope, & Dielman, 1997). Thus, the checking of the number of friends is more important to the male Facebook users than relationship…show more content…
Achievements might sound good and brought good feedback by others. It serves as self-motivation in order for the person to be motivated and could be perhaps gain good comments of the others. Those kind of people might seem to have more friends on Facebook, could receive multiple likes and comments as well. Many would admire and recognize how stable that person regarding accomplishments in life. The people who posts regularly regarding achievements of their own commonly known as Narcissists. People like them has higher self-esteem compare to the others because they

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