The Importance Of Digital Media

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Recess time. For many young children in elementary school, recess be the most anticipated time of the day. From a child’s perspective, recess is free time away from tedious lessons, the time to play with others, and to have fun. At its core, recess is more than just a random break - it is a time in which children develop through one another. Recess exists to allow young students to practice the skills needed to interact with others - such as developing ideas of ownership, working within groups, and developing language. Needless to say, it is imperative that children develop these skills properly to build a strong social foundation - therefore, adult supervision is necessary. Until today, the playground and classroom were the two main mediums in which children would interact with…show more content…
Since the advent of digital media, the social world in which school-aged children are able to develop has dramatically expanded. Digital media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Snapchat allows users to consume information published by others as well as allowing users to create and publish information of their own. Additionally, these sites have a vast domain of users that can be reached across the world. With the growing use of these virtual tools, there’s no denying that these sites are revolutionizing the world. However, beneath the surface, these popular sites have many hidden risks for the social development of young children, as they can influence their self esteem and cause them to act hostile towards others. While there are both opportunities and risks, school aged children should not use social media sites because of the lasting effects on a child’s social development do not balance out its

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