Negative Essay: The Harm Of Social Media

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“ The Harms of Social Media” It has been said that “ Your worth is not measured in likes, comments, notes, or followers; but in your ability to love, keep comments to yourself, take note, and lead. This is what people in society today should keep in mind. We have gotten too wrapped up in what others think of us online, that we have no time to think of the good in ourselves. It also tells us that social media has become too powerful into days world and not in a positive way. I believe that social media is harmful to society in the way it is affecting self esteems, increasing cyber bullying, and taking and altering lives. Some people say that social media helps them express themselves, but more people say it damages their self esteem.Sixty…show more content…
Cyberbullying has doubled since two thousand and fifteen (cyberbullying facts and statistics). On sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram the amount of talking about cyberbullying that is happening increased by twenty-six percent ( the rise of cyberbullying). This has raised the amount of absences from school everyday. 160,000 students stay home from everyday ( the rise of cyberbullying) out of fear that they will also be bullied at school. This is thirteen percent of children who are scared to go to school ( fast facts). Networks are making it possible for students to be made targets twenty-four seven. Making your profile private doesn’t always stop the bullying. If people really want to belittle someone they won’t stop and allow the victim to ignore them. Users are being bullied based on beliefs and appearances. Over all appearances are thirty percent; sexual orientation is twenty-seven percent, religion is sixteen percent, gender twelve percent, race nine percent and disabilities is six percent (the rise of cyberbullying). This leads into the increased number of fake profiles and lies people tell just so they fit in. Furthermore social media has introduced these problems, and in addition has lead to many

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